What do you mean you didn’t know Balmain did hair!?  They do, and in a major way. Back in your grandma’s heyday they were actually well known for their couture wigs. Now they have clip on extensions and fringe that you can pick up on the go or have styled in the salon, which is exactly what I did. Yesterday I met with Wonderland founder Michael Angelo and Balmain’s Yianni Tsatatori for a little fun.

The hair is authentic human hair and so healthy that it put my own tresses to shame. The boys designed a fun look with bangs and then with clip on highlights to add volume and some punches of color to my mane.

Michael added two dark pieces to the back of my head to give me a bit of lift and then two light pieces at an angle on the sides of my head. It is key to put the side strands on at an angle above the tops of your ears so that they look natural and frame your face. He always made sure to attach the extensions in layers working upwards from underneath. Since my hair is pretty dark Michael added two darker pieces above the light strands.He put them on parallel to the floor to give me some lift and ensure that everything blended naturally.

The boys wanted to do something easy that enhanced my natural style. Michael parted my hair to the right side (like I usually do) and he clipped on a single super blonde piece two inches down my part. The smaller piece disappeared into my hair more subtly so it works well for use around the face.

After spraying on what felt like an entire bottle of Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray (which smells incredible) I was ready to go.

I’m not the most savvy with my own hair and can lack the necessary coordination to execute a complex hair look, but the extensions were straightforward enough that I’m confident I can recreate it at home, especially the clip on fringe.

Special thanks to Jenni Lee of Autumn PR for taking photos with my iPhone