While in Paris last week I spent some time with the energetic and adorable Virginie Courtin-Clarins before she left for New York. We could only sneak away from the lab for a few minutes before she had to drive her father, the Clarins chairman, Christian Courtin-Clarins home. Clearly, five minutes was all the time we needed. 

“I start my morning with Clarins Toning Lotion to wash and prep my skin. I apply Clarins Double Serum first, then Multi-Active Day Cream and Shaping Facial Lift serum to freshen up. I think the air is dryer in New York so I use Hydra Quench cream when I’m in town. Before I put on my makeup I apply Mutli-Active Eye Cream and some Beauty Flash Balm. I can’t live without my Beauty Flash Balm, my face looks dull when I don’t have it on. It makes me instantly look better and fresh.

For my makeup I don’t use much, only Compact Powder foundation and a black mascara; everything is Clarins of course!

My grandfather gave us a lot of beauty advice growing up the one tip that stuck with me the most was that the base of any beauty routine is about moisture and protection. And since I love taking baths he always told me that it’s good to relax in a bath but never let the water get too hot or stay inside too long. He also taught me the importance of finishing with a little bit of cold water on my legs for circulation.

I do lots of sports. It’s very important for me to be as active as I can. I like to mix Vinyasa Yoga , Kickboxing and ballet (which is my favorite!). When I was little I used to take dance then I stopped and started again a year ago. It was very difficult since I lost all my flexibility but I am starting to get it back and I enjoy it more and more – I try to go at least twice a week.

I feel lucky to live in Paris, I find it so beautiful. My favorite thing to do is to ride my bike when the weather is nice and to go around the city on the “Quais de Seine” by the riverside. I love the energy in New York and now what my sister (Claire) lives there it feels like a second home. I always go to Opening Ceremony and Reformation on Howard street- they are right next to each other and I always find something to buy there. I am a big art lover and am so fortunate that both Paris and New York have such massive art scenes. My favorite artists are Dali, Edward Hopper, Cyprien Gaillard and the Bouroullec brothers.”

-As told to The Formula / Photos  by Aimee Blaut in Paris