“For the past six months I’ve been playing a lot of shows around New York and recording an EP, I produced it myself and wrote all the songs. I’m super excited; I think it’s a big evolution for me. I had a record come out when I was really young, I was eighteen and it was released in France and over Europe and it’s kind of reflective of how young I was. After finishing school I thought I may want to pursue acting, but after having time to grow into myself I have found that I’m really passionate about [my music]. I’m having a lot of fun with it and my EP should be out by the spring. I have done three films this year so I’m kind of just rolling with the punches, but I think my music is my main focus of the moment.

When I wake up, I always try to wash my face and put moisturizer on. I think I always get hooked into using the same products. I use a Neutrogena face wash and either this Kiehl’s lotion or one by Olay. They aren’t greasy but have some weight to them, so you can feel it working. I kind of do the same regimen at morning and at night.

I wear a little bit of makeup everyday but it depends on how tired I look. I use a Laura Mercier foundation and her under eye cover-up because I have naturally dark circles. That’s all I wear daily, and then I curl my eyelashes and pop out the door. If I go out at night, I jazz up the makeup a bit. I’ve been really into red lips recently and there’s something about a sexy mouth that can make you feel really feminine. I have the entire Chanel lipstick collection that’s been given to me, so I have an array of these lipsticks that I’ve never used before but I’ve been going through each one and trying different things. I’ve been having more fun with makeup because I have more now [laughs].

I have this amazing Chanel eye makeup remover; it’s the best thing that I’ve ever used. It gets everything off immediately. I can’t stand waking up with a face full of guck, it’s the worst. There’s something about washing the night away that makes you feel better, you don’t have to wake up and be reminded if it wasn’t so good [laughs].

I like perfume a lot and this perfume Eugénie actually has a really funny story. I think Eugénie was Napoleon’s wife, and this was her fragrance. Perfumer Alexandre Rancé designed the perfume for her and it’s the original recipe. I can only find it in Ohio or online, which is strange. I think my mom was traveling for one of her books and stopped in the store randomly — she liked it so much she bought it for everyone. So that’s what Napoleon’s wife smelled like, I suppose, and now I do too!”

-As told to The Formula / Photos by Aimee Blaut in New York