“I’ve been modeling for like ten years so I don’t really need to work with an agency anymore which is cool. I still have one in Tokyo, Seoul, and Stockholm but not in New York. I also have a blog where I write about interesting things; mostly it all revolves around myself and people that I meet. When I was living in Tokyo I found writing to be much easier since everything felt new and different compared to New York. I’m actually going to be in Tokyo for all of January and blogging for Milk Made.

I start the day with Fresh soy face cleanser and then I use the Philosophy SPF moisturizer so I don’t get wrinkles. But from day to night I look totally different, during the daytime I usually don’t wear much makeup if any, maybe just some mascara. Right now I have eye shadow on by Charlotte Ronson and I’m all about Fresh sugar lipsticks in plum and rosè. I’ve been really into makeup; once you start hitting twenty-four or twenty-five I think you become more interested in makeup because you start to look old.

At nighttime I usually go a bit goth or weird alternative depending on the mood I’m in. I use Benefit’s bad gal mascara in plum because if it smudges, like all mascara does, it kind of looks pink. I have blue eyes so it looks like I have pink eyeliner, which is better than having black all over. Of course I use Bare Minerals on my face. At nighttime I use Bare Minerals bronzer in warmth to carve out my cheekbones pretty drastically. I use this Charlotte Ronson eye shadow in gold, red and black. I smudge it all around my eyes and underneath towards my temples. I have a basic black eyeliner that I use in the corners of my eyes. For my lips I start with some plain chapstick and put some of the brown shadow on top of it so it looks matte brown.

I use the Philosophy exfoliating scrub at nighttime. Then I do this thing where I mix their hope in a jar cream with fish oil – the orange scented kind. I was using the unscented oil for a while and the guy I was dating was like, “what’s that smell” which was pretty funny because I said, “Oh it’s just my fish oil.” (laughs) I’m a vegetarian so that’s kind of funny.

I used to live in Seoul and I’m obsessed with bath house culture, I love sweating. I went to the bath house in Korea everyday, which is six floors and very intense with a gym and huts for sleeping in the basement. In New Jersey there is a place called King Sauna, which is a serious Korean bath house – it’s awesome. I also like The Face Shop in New Jersey, they have tons of whitening facemasks that I’m obsessed with. This place has hundreds of them and they’re only a dollar to three dollars. The masks make you purer or rejuvenated or hydrated with ginseng. There are so many different kinds, I like to think that they work.”

– As told to The Formula / Photos by Aimee Blaut in New York