“In the Nineties there was a first Glamour magazine created by Condé Nast. It lasted for three or four years and after that it was finished. It was the greatest magazine I’ve ever seen in France. Very often people would say that Glamour was going to be launched again and each time I wanted to be a part of the team. For a while it didn’t come back, it would be Jalouse or another launch. When the new Glamour was finally launched for real I was eight months pregnant with an extra twenty kilos [laughs]. I was working for another magazine called, Vingt Ans then. It was a very special magazine that doesn’t exist anymore, but very funny and unique. I was the Beauty Editor for this magazine and their idea about beauty was different. But I said okay I am going to try to see the editor in chief for Glamour and I will see what happens. I was sure that she wouldn’t take me because I was so pregnant and we didn’t know each other but I sent her a mail with a book of my work. She called me and said ‘ok we can meet each other.’ We talked and then she decided that she wanted me for this position. Condé Nast took me during my maternity leave. This kind of thing doesn’t happen often so I was very touched they trusted me. But I worked during my pregnancy and my baby was one week old and I was at work and taking meetings. It was very hard in fact but I don’t have any regrets, I was very happy to work for Glamour and it was nine years ago now, so it is a very long love story.

I am not such a beauty girl. I am very natural; I think I am very French for this. At the same time I am a woman and a Beauty Editor so I have to test some stuff [laughs]. When I wake up the first thing I love to do is spray rosewater on my face. Afterwards I have a green tea then take a shower. I have sensitive skin so for my face I use a lot of La Roche-Posay and Avène—more pharmaceutical products.  For my body I can try everything. I love the smells and textures. I take the time to nourish my skin with lots of Clarins Sérum Corps Peau Neuve it’s  my basic and afterwards I use Aesop.

I know American girls wash their hair everyday but I can’t. Since I was young I’ve been told that if I wash my hair everyday it will be too dry so I wash it every other day. I put a lot of oil in my hair before I shampoo it. I’m a Mediterranean woman, from the French Riviera so I love oil. I use the Kiehl’s Amino Acid Shampoo with coconut. I love Kerastase and the brands of L’Oreal Professional. Shu Uemura Art of Hair products have great texture and smell nice. After I wash my hair I use a serum like the one from David Mallet or an Aveda cream for texture so I don’t look like a big head of hair. I never use any blow dryers though. I think when you have curly hair you need to come as you are. In France we have a sentence that means if you want to forget your natural way it will come back fast and strong.

I love to wear some splash after I nourish my skin. Tom Ford’s Neroli Portofino is amazing. I use so many because for me it is a very feminine and important gesture. It is not so much about the smell because the scents  are very subtle.

I only wear a little makeup. I don’t use a foundation, just some powder from Givenchy, Croisière . Now that it is summer I have some tan so I try to keep it. Afterwards I add pink because it can look too brown otherwise with the bronzer. I don’t like eye shadow or eyeliner so much because afterwards I can be a mess like a girl coming home with everything all over. I use a lot of black mascara by La Roche-Posay. I have very sensitive eyes and this one is very gentle. Sometimes I put blue pencil around my eyes just to change it up, but if I don’t use this blue, I use nothing. I think black looks hard on me. At the end of the day if I’m going to a party I’ll wear lipstick. I like a good matte lipstick with a lot of color like MAC Lady Danger. For the day I prefer something more sweet, with color but not too strong.

The last thing I do before I leave the house is apply real perfume. I love No.19 by Chanel. I have had it since I was seventeen. It is my first and my all and my everything, my first love [laughs]. Sometimes I use L’eau Froide, by Serge Lutens it means cold water. It is very special because when you smell it, it is very cold but it is hot at the same time.”

As told to The Formula Photos by Aimee Blaut in Paris