“I joined the business in 1999. My mother created the Peter Thomas Roth line with Peter while I was in college. I graduated from school and was on a finance mission, working at Lehman Brothers and I was on Wall Street. In 1999 my mother was still handwriting checks and there was not a computer in the office, it was crazy (laughs). She was running the entire business out of her desk without any technology. I said ‘Mom I want to come help you.’ She was a single mother and said ‘absolutely not, this is not how I raised you, you will work on Wall Street.’ So I interviewed with her and Peter and created this power point presentation like I did at Lehman Bothers and Peter was like ‘when you can start.’ My mother was more like ‘okay fine’ and that’s how I came into the company.

Around this time Sephora opened and a new market began to explode. We opened a manufacturing facility that catered to our needs. During that time my mom started her Spa collection. She saw that there was nothing out there that was a good median between the ultra clinical and the real fluffy brands. Working with spa directors she came up with products that would compliment the services and launched the June Jacobs line. Marcia Kilgore from Bliss is one of the major people we worked with and it was a lot of work to get product to market that was innovative and luxury. That is how the line came to be and we wanted to keep the line within the spa world and as green as possible.

I have a very minimal but very effective skin care regimen. I like to try other people’s things out just to see how they are but I usually break out, which is actually crazy. I get up and wash my face with my Clarisonic once a day. I like the way it feels in the morning to wash off whatever I had on at night. I use it with Pumpkin Scrub or Creamy Cranberry Cleanser, which is very gentle. I don’t use moisturizer because I’m so oily but I’m fine with serums. I use the Elastin Collagen serum. Otherwise I’m so shiny and it hasn’t gotten better as I’ve gotten older so I just avoid heavy creams. I use the Cellular Collagen eye serum, which I love. My biggest issue is my under eyes and it absorbs my under eye concealer really nicely.

I don’t wear makeup generally because I like to let my skin breathe. Laura Geller introduced me to makeup way back when and since then almost everything I use is by her. I’m obsessed. I like to play up my eyes and she has eyeliners in crazy colors; they are really fun in Eggplant and deep greens. I have to use various different under eye concealers if I want to cover up my dark circles because it’s gotten to the point where I work so much, I’m not sleeping. She has two concealers I love, The Real Deal Concealer cream and Caulk, which looks like a crayon. They crayon is great and I can color in where I need it. The Wonder Wand, is another favorite, it’s an illuminator that I use in the corners of my eyes to brighten them up. For perfume I wear Thierry Mugler Angel, which I love and for hair touch ups the Oscar Blandi Protein Mist is amazing.

At night I wash my face with our Anti-Aging Blemish Control cleanser. It’s for people my age who are still acne prone. Then I use the same face and eye serums. I never used eye serum and when I hit forty overnight it went. So now I need to. My big secret is that I use the Papaya Mask as a moisturizer. I apply a really thin layer on my face at night and leave it on. Papaya is a natural enzymatic so it exfoliates super gently and is packed with vitamins and I’m a little shiny at night, but my skin is glowing in the morning.

Some exciting news since we began pushing the international spa market is our recent partnership with the Hyatts. About six months ago we were able to open up in seventy-eight spas at the Hyatt Hotels around the world. We created four signature protocols for them with individual techniques.”

Photos by Aimee Blaut in New York