“I grew up in the beauty world, my grandfather and all of the family was working for Clarins so I lived in that world. It has everything for skin care and makeup but nothing for nails or hair. So I could start something for nail care or open a hairdressing salon, but nail culture is something missing in Paris. There was a need and we responded to it. I started Nail Factory with two partners. When we opened it was a big success, everyone was doing the queue to come in. We do nails, feet, shellac, acrylic, everything- which is very uncommon for people in Paris, in New York you see this everywhere. The worst thing is that in Paris we have to make nail appointments. In New York you don’t ever need to but here nail salons are so rare so you have to book a time.

I only use Clarins [laughs] for sure, for everything! It is the best for me, I am used to it, if I put something else on my skin I am going to have a reaction–even my makeup is Clarins and what I use on my body. In the morning I wake up, shower and wash my face with Doux Nettoyant Moussant then I put on Lotion Tonique for the visage. Next I use the Crème Éclat for vitamins and radiance. Everyday I use Défatigant cream on my eyes. It is great to combat fatigue when I am very tired.

What I use on my body is very complicated [laughs]. I use a moisturizing cream, Baume Hydratant on my hands and calves. Then on my thighs I use Tonic Huile, which is the best and it smells so good. When girls are pregnant they use this oil to prevent stretch marks. It is to tonify the skin so I put it there and on my butt [laughs]. On my chest I use something special for the bust. It firms and pushes everything up, but you have to use it for a long time. And you have to do exercises also [laughs]. That is what our grandfather always told us, for him it was the worst for a woman to have her boobs fall down.”

I use a light foundation to matify my skin so it doesn’t look shiny. Then I use blush and for sure mascara and a lipstick. The most important thing for me is to have some color on my lips like a light pink lipstick. I think I look very sick when I don’t have anything on my lips. And I always use Baume Lèvres Réparateur to keep my lips moisturized.”

Our grandfather explained to us how to properly apply products. It is not just the products that are important but how you put them on your body. A girl can apply a very efficient cream incorrectly and then it isn’t efficient at all. For example when you put creams on you need to apply it upwards and never rub your face always pat it in.

I love pink polish because I have brown hair. I am going to Monaco tonight and am wearing Strawberry Margherita by O.P.I. it is the best, and lasts so long.”

-As told to The Formula / Photos by Aimee Blaut in Paris