New York lawyer turned fashion assistant, Preetma Singh, is a rare combination of quirky, smart and beautiful. I went for a stroll through Central Park with the Canadian native and got her to spill all her beauty secrets. Enjoy!

” I try to keep fairly simple, not too complicated. When I get up I use the Clarins pure melt cleansing wash, which I love. It’s kind of like an oil when you put it on and then it turns into a milk after you add water. It’s really moisturizing which I need a lot of in New York, especially in the winter. I start with that, well I brush my teeth first actually (laughs) and then I wash my face. I use a YSL toner that I love. It’s gone through different incarnations but it’s basically been the same thing. Then I use my Clarins hydraquench serum to keep all the moisture in and an eye cream by Shiseido.

I use a YSL concealer everyday and then touch éclat on special occasions if I need more coverage. I don’t like to wear too much on a daily basis; I don’t like the feeling of having stuff on my face. That’s why I feel like the base is really important, so I pay attention, making sure my skin’s hydrated and clean and exfoliated. If I do a bright lip or a dark lip then I’ll do less on the eye, just mascara. I use a Chanel lip gloss everyday or a good matte lipstick from NARS. I don’t like wearing lip liner and NARS stays in place super well. I love cheek stains, and use Givenchy and Tarte a lot.

I use mascara to keep my eyelashes in place. They’re really long and get in the way. When I was younger I wanted to have shorter lashes so I could be more versatile with my makeup. I use Lancôme doll lashes mascara because it gives my lashes a bit of a lift. I find black eyeliner looks harsh on me since I have dark features, brown softens me up a bit but gives the same kind of drama. The black liner I have is by Dior and my brown one is just from Duane Reade. Lancôme has a great artliner that is really easy to use. I can get the real 60’s look without messing up and looking like Halloween. I have a strong brow though it’s really sparse in some places so I fill it in with MAC brow set to look more polished.

I just started getting my hair dyed at Whittemore House and I love love love it. The people are great, the salon is so cute and I am obsessed with the way my hair looks. It has been more then a few months and I still am as happy as the day I walked out. They seem to go with what will look best on you long-term—they’re amazing.

-As told to The Formula / Photos by Aimee Blaut in New York