Preen’s SS12 collection celebrates the modern romantic woman with an edge. They knocked it out of the park with their soft colors and energetic patterns. After the show I caught up with the hair and makeup teams to get the inside scoop on the flawless looks they created.

Joey from MAC chatted with me about the makeup “Val Garland created a really fresh look for the show, using different MAC products and a lot of blush. We played up healthy skin and Val created a beautiful orange, peachy, coral color for the cheeks—its just fleshed on the cheeks. A little bit of sheer tangerine gloss on the lips finished the look.  It is a really fresh, healthy, young, kind of flushed looking style. The products we used are part of MAC’s new spring line that will be coming out.”

Paul Hanlon, of Aveda developed the hair look for the show. “The hair today is very modern chic. They really liked the idea of the hair being tight and close to the head. Obviously I didn’t want to do a bun or a ponytail, they can look a little bit boring. They wanted the girl to look a bit futuristique but also have a grace about her. I suppose to me, there is a little bit of an element of a 40’s reference in there, and a bit of Blade Runner. Also the look is a bit French chic in a way. With light colors, soft hair can tend to make it look a little bit romantic and they wanted them to look a bit hard. We used Aveda products, using the volumizing tonic to prep the hair. It’s a morning show; the girls’ hair is very clean so it gives it a little bit more guts. We used the air control hair spray to seal the ends and take away the fly aways. We just twisted it on the sides, keeping it slightly masculine through the front and then twisted it off to the right side. We continued twisting the hair following the outline of the hairline twisting the hair up and pinning it in. It’s a take in a classic do, but we had to bring it up to today and modernize it. By keeping the front end much smaller and more contained it gave it a modern futuristique feeling.  If you look at all of the older Helmut Newton pictures, a lot of the women used to have their hair in this kind of way, but much bigger, bolder. When it is big it can look quite old fashioned. The strictness and tightness that we did was what modernized it.”

Photos by Aimee Blaut in New York