“When I had my children I started looking for organic products to use on them and became more interested in the ingredients on the bottle. But I found that there really weren’t many organic products at the time. So I got my inspiration from my children, Estelle and Mathild; I wanted to create an organic skin care range that was affective and good for their future generations. At that time I thought I was too late (laughs) but it was only 2006 and we were actually very early to market. Then everything has just moved on from there. The line is strong in Scandinavia and then we started at Harrods and Selfridges in London and then Milano and Hong Kong. We are launching at Le Bon Marche in Paris this month, which is exciting for us!

When I wake up I don’t do a cleansing routine I just use water. I think it’s good to keep the skin in balance since there isn’t any pollution on your skin. Then I will either use our Rose Otto Serum and Oil, using more serum because I don’t want the oil to be overpowering. In the winter I use more oil because my skin can get very dry.

I use Kanebo powder as my concealer to cover up any redness. I am a Chanel fan when it comes to makeup and love their new Le Beiges powder; it has a hint of warmth. It’s transparent but still gives you a bit of color on the cheeks rather than using rouge. And of course Chanel mascara is my go to. Lipstick can be nice in the evening but in the long run it can dry out your lips. So I use I use my own lip balm, which is moisturizing with a hint of color.  At night I wear a Chanel lipstick in pink or beige, never red. I have never tried red lipstick actually (laughs). I should definitely try it at some point.

I believe a lot in living a healthy lifestyle; it becomes more important as you get older. I minimize the amount of toxins in my body through reducing my exposure to them; so I buy organic food and exercise to help eliminate the ones I have. I like to play tennis but what I think gives the best results is running. I run a few times a week and I can really feel a difference on my skin afterwards, you get tighter. It’s good for the whole body because you cleanse yourself of toxins and in turn become more toned.  Healthy food is important for the skin as well so I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables with a lower carb intake.

I never skip on my cleansing routine in the evening it is very important for maintaining healthy skin. I’ll use either  a gel or a milk cleanser. In the winter time I usually use the Rose Otto Milk cleanser for added moisture but in the spring and summer I use Neroli Gel. I like it a lot and it doesn’t dry out the skin. Of course I use the serum and oil again adding more oil before bed than I would during the day and sometimes I will use Rose Otto Night Cream over that.  FInally I apply my eye cream. I want to prevent aging but try to do it through nurturing all aspects of my body: good skin care, healthy food  and exercise.”

As told to The Formula

Photos by Aimee Blaut in Stockholm

  • WOWZA5

    How can you have such a staunch take on a healthy lifestyle and develop an incredible organic skincare line only to follow it with Chanel makeup? Really?? Have you ever read those ingredients? I find this very odd.