Parisa: “We are launching Max Fowles Ready to Wear collection for Autumn/Winter 2012. I’m the Creative Director for the brand and we’ve been designing the collection for the past few years. It’s a small twenty-piece collection and we are really excited. When you get your first sale it’s the point where you feel like oh this works and it is so rewarding because you have a vision in your head but you don’t know how it will work until you get the feedback. Max is more obsessed with putting creams and such on; I’m actually not [laughs]. I didn’t even put body lotion on until he forced me to. But I always wash my face with Crème de La Mer face wash. I have very sensitive skin so I can break out if use the wrong products. Crème de La Mer works really well on my skin. Kiehl’s body lotion—I love. For fragrances I hate common smells. I have on Chanel Coromandel—it is amazing. It’s very strong with a musky touch to it.”

Max: “Yeah I am the one spending all the money on my beauty regimen.  I have the more elaborate beauty closet. When I wake up I just rinse my face off with water in the shower and then moisturize with Crème de la Mer. I also use their eye balm. For lip balm we use Fresh’s Sugar but everything else is Crème de la Mer and an SPF from my dermatologist. At night I always shower before bed and moisturize my full body. Then I use this gel serum on my face that is like a peel. I use it every night and then always eye balm and always lip balm.  For perfume I always use Byredo. You can only buy it typically at Barneys never at Duty Free or something like that.”

Max: “We just bought a shampoo that is really cool called Number twenty-Four. My hairdresser from London, Daniel Galvin is incredible, his son James opened up a place in Los Angeles. So they started up a line and the products are great–we are loving them.”

Parisa: “Okay for makeup it’s my turn now [laughs]. I like NARS a lot. I like their lipstick, the pink one I’m using Schiap, its super pink and feels fun. I’m a big blush person. Mascara, I don’t use that much, unless it’s a special day, but I look dead if I don’t use blush and some bronzing powder on my face. I like NARS in Casino and Desire. Eyeliner is something I have always used since I was fifteen years old. I like to do dark eyes with a bright lipstick. I use the Benefit waterproof eyeliner pencil and it doesn’t smudge it’s really good. I always thread my brows, they are naturally pretty thick but I keep them up [laughs]. It hurts a lot and I thread once or twice a week.”

Parisa: “I was born in Iran but I moved to Sweden when I was two years old. We live in L.A. now but I am used to always traveling. When I’m in Stockholm I go to Sturebadet, for my gym and my spa that’s the best spa in Sweden. I love the spa at The Setai Hotel in Miami, they have an amazing spa there, it is one of my favorites, very relaxing. Here in L.A. we go the Beverly HIlls Hotel when we want to pamper ourselves really well.”

-As told to The Formula / Photos by Aimee Blaut in New York