“I’m a model and I have a fashion blog called ‘Natalie Off Duty.’ I started modeling when I was fifteen and created my blog three years after. It’s about what I do when I’m not modeling, so ‘Natalie Off Duty’ was kind of the perfect name. My sister has a blog called ‘Color Me Nana‘ and she didn’t want to be on it, so she started using photos of me. I got exposed to other blogs and thought they were really fun, so I just started my own. I’ve been working with Volcom for about two years now and have been their campaign model since spring of 2011. Now we are collaborating for fall and holiday designs, so there will be a bunch of great stuff out as ‘Natalie Suarez for Volcom’ this June.

I am finally starting to become a morning shower person. So I get up, hop in the shower and wash my face. I like cream cleansers because my skin is super sensitive so I can’t deal with the foamy ones. I basically use all Estée Lauder. I use their pink line on my skin and after I get out of the shower I put on their moisturizer. I always use eye cream too. I get that from my mom; she is skin obsessed and tells me, “I don’t want you to get wrinkles!” I have to have sunscreen on everyday but I’ll use any generic sunscreen with a high SPF.

I use a Covergirl compact called Aqua and have been using it for ages. It doesn’t irritate my skin so I have never changed it. I don’t wear mascara but I always do a bit of a cat eye or a winged tip with a liner. I use Estée Lauder in black and sometimes I will add some shimmer to make it more dramatic. During the day I like to wear the Korres plum balm, it gives my lips a little tint. I used to wear red lipstick a lot and I still do at night but without any eyeliner. A full red is so bold and makes your lips look really full and old Hollywood glam [laughs].

I use Clinique toner at night; it’s the best thing ever. It helps with dry skin and evens it all out. The rest of my night routine is basically the same. I use the Estée Lauder face wash and moisturizer and of course an eye cream!

I am trying to grow out my hair at the moment. I used to have really long, straight, light hair and I kind of miss it. They chopped it all off and gave me this shaggy rocker look, but I like it.”


-As told to The Formula / Photos by Aimee Blaut in New York at Milk Studios