It feels like there’s been a complete ombré takeover in the world of beauty. From lips to nails, this gradient-heavy trend is blowing up my Instagram. So I decided to apply the look to my eye makeup for my collaboration with Refinery29. And yes, while most smoky eyes are “ombré” by definition with its browns, grays, and black, I’m making the gradiant more noticeable with two widely different colors: white and teal. The colors are intense but with this tutorial you might be inspired to try your own ombré mix.


Step 1: Apply a matte, white pencil liner from the inner corner of your eye to about one-third of your eyelid. Color in from your upper lashline to your crease. Make sure to use a pencil that isn’t overly creamy so that you have more control. When you’re done, smooth the color out with your fingers so that it’s even.


Step 2: Apply a teal iridescent liner to the center of your eyelid. Again, avoid a creamy pencil and make sure the color is distributed evenly.

Step 3: Pat one layer of silver shadow or pigment over the teal with a brush to make the color stand out more. After you are finished, use your fingers to gently smudge the border between the teal and white shades. This will make the transition between the two colors more seamless.


Step 4: Pick a dark blue liner with green undertones for your last color. You want the shades to be in the same family so steer clear of navy tones. Apply the dark blue to the outer third of your lid, dragging it out into a winged tip. Finish with a couple coats of your favorite mascara.


See how the dark blue defines the eye like black would? I think that this color gradiant, while stark, is still totally wearable. All you need is five products, five minutes, and a mirror — cat ears are optional.

Photos by: Anna Granberg