Last week in New York, I sat down with MAC royalty, Lyne Desnoyers. I caught up with the French stunner in Nolita to chat about her role at MAC and new life in the city.

“I’m originally from France but I’ve been living in New York for a short while now. Moving to New York was a great opportunity. I thought it was going to be a lot harder. But New York is such an incredible multicultural place where being a foreigner is not a big deal. The city is rather easy and has an incredible energy. I am very intrigued by how it all works here. I see the differences and I appreciate them for what they are, there is no sense in trying to compare cultures.

My title is so long (Executive Director of Makeup Artistry) but I prefer to just call myself a makeup artist (laughs). I’m a lover of all things creative and especially traveling. In my previous life I was a dancer and my love of makeup originated from doing my stage makeup. Life brought me to my second love, French literature. While I was writing my thesis I decided to pick up stage makeup again as a hobby. I happened to meet a very famous freelancer and asked her to show me a few fashion tricks. I got a part time job working the counter at MAC to help pay my rent. I started with the shitty shifts nobody wanted to do (laughs). I abandoned my PhD, stayed in makeup and here we go. It just felt right so I decided to go for it.


I am often asked where I find inspiration. You can’t create in a vacuum and I always look back to my team. Whether I am on a photo shoot or in a class my creative juices come from them. In my role at MAC I work within the company as well as externally. I’m a teacher, spokesperson and my specialty is working with young artists in different countries. It still feels quite organic after all these years. I just got back from a long trip working with my teams in France and Belgium it was exhausting but energizing. ”

Photos by: Aimee Blaut in New York