“I’m from California and was going to college at UC San Diego and studying biology — I’m a complete nerd [laughs] — and then I got scouted on the street. I had a test shoot and the next thing I knew, I was in Paris for fashion week. My agent told me that Christian Dior and Prada wanted to meet me, but at the time I had no idea who those designers were. I had never really looked at fashion magazines growing up. So I moved to Paris and the day I landed, I met John Galliano and he basically started my career.

Working for Victoria’s Secret has been a dream of mine for a very long time. I started modeling seven years ago and I immediately wanted to do the VS fashion show, so I tried out three years in a row. The first two times I didn’t get it but the third time I got the show… It was the most exciting experience, and I’ve done the show now for five years. Through that exposure, Victoria’s Secret started working with me for print and campaigns and then I became an Angel.

Recently I started using all natural products. I read a book called The Truth About Beauty by Kat James and it’s totally changed my whole outlook. I wake up in the morning and I wash my face with the Amazon Rain cleanser; the Amazon products are all natural and a lot of their ingredients come from the rainforest. I believe that serums work amazingly so afterwards I always use a Vitamin C serum from Amazon, called Camu-C Serum. Then I apply sunscreen. I love the derma e eye cream with hyaluronic acid, its very moisturizing. It’s great for preventative wrinkles

I have a vanity at home with makeup and beauty products everywhere. I try everything [laughs]. As far as makeup goes, I mix it up. I love the Cle de Peu concelear. It goes on smooth and provides perfect coverage. On a daily basis, I don’t leave my house without mascara and I like my eyebrows to be shaped perfectly. I don’t like eyeliner, which is funny. I think most makeup artists go straight for the eyeliner. I feel like my eyes are so big, it doesn’t look good. I love a big eyelash look and shading around my eyes, though. The VS Triple Volume Mascara is wonderful. I love a retro Twiggy look. I always use my Shu Uemera eyelash curler and if I want a waterproof mascara, I use one by Tarte. I prefer lip gloss more than lipstick. The VS lip liner in Ginger Spice matches everyone’s lips really perfectly. It just adds volume to your lips. There is also a lip scrub and balm that exfoliates well and is paired with a minty balm.

I always have a lot of makeup on for events so I make sure to really cleanse my skin well at night so it can breathe. I use all natural baby wipes to take off my makeup and my Amazon cleanser and exfoliator by Derma E, I think it’s called Microdermabrasion. I use a vitamin A serum by MyChelle, which is all natural and helps keep my skin clear. In the winter, I use the Dr Alkaitis Night Cream.

I’m really passionate about jewelry. It’s a dangerous thing, but it’s the one thing that I love shopping for. I like very intricate pieces and I wasn’t finding what I liked, so I decided to start making jewelry on my own. My line is called Goldie Knots. I learned how to do micro-macrome on YouTube and bought my materials: fourteen karat gold and silk. It’s very simple. Right now I am selling pieces at Albertine in the West Village but I am launching my website soon! I donate my proceeds to the Humane Society. I am a big dog lover and have two dogs back home in California, so that’s something that is really important to me.”

-As told to The Formula /Photos by Aimee Blaut in New York