During Paris Fashion Week I caught up with The Webster’s Laure Heriard Dubreuil. Since her boutique stocks some of the best brands, it was no surprise that she turned up to Hotel Raphael clad in envy inducing outfits and packing some serious accessories. Over Ladurée macarons we chatted about her love for Clarins and how she combats jet lag.

“During Fashion Week I wake up very tired suffering from all my jet lag. The first thing I do is jump in the shower. When I get out and am still a little bit wet I put some Clarins Tonic Oil on my body. This is my vitamin rush, it wakes up all my senses, before that I’m a zombie (laughs). Then I put on my day cream.

All of my skin products are Clarins; I grew up with them. My mother and my whole family uses Clarins they are so magical.

I live in Miami and it can get very hot so I don’t usually wear much makeup during the day. I wear the Clarins BB Cream, which gives me a smooth complexion. For more dramatic makeup I love M.A.C. Their Archie Girls collection is my favorite right now. I am using all of those products, especially the lipglass. I think the packaging is fun and feminine, I love when things are playful.

At night I get more dressed up and wear dark makeup. Of course I do a smokey eye with grays, blacks and lots of mascara. M.A.C. eyeliners are perfect for doing dark eyes. In Miami the women are feminine and the weather is so warm; you always feel like wearing little cocktail dresses and high heels. Even in New York the women are very dressed up. Women don’t dress up at night in Paris anymore and I feel that it’s a shame. I like to dress up even just to go on a date with my fiancé (laughs).

During Fashion Week I can change my clothes four times in one day, but its fun. I have ninety brands at The Webster and I want to enjoy all of them and represent. I think it’s fun to go to the shows and wear the clothes of the designers to show some support.

Every night I take off my makeup, it’s so important. I put on my One Step Cleanser from Clarins, its very soothing and calms my skin. Right now I am starting to use Double Serum. I was only using it at night but now I am putting it on during the day too, it’s amazing; I am becoming really addicted (laughs). I wear some light night cream over that and I go to bed. I need lots of sleep actually; I think it’s my weakness. I wish I didn’t need so much sleep; I could so much more. But if I don’t have my sleep I’m cranky like a baby (laughs).”

-As told to The Formula/ Photos by: Aimee Blaut in Paris