“My job overall is to have original content for the web and to tell the story of what’s going on in fashion at any given moment. I write articles and profile people and cover events. It’s so fun. My favorite part is meeting people and seeing their creative processes. I feel like fashion people get put in a corner but really it’s full of all these artistic types, from photographers to makeup artists and writers who really dedicate themselves to a craft and there is really something interesting in learning about why they do what they do.

The most intensive part of my beauty regimen, if you could call it that [laughs], is at night. I recently got the Clarisonic and I’m kind of obsessed. I use a fairly non-scary cleanser like a Cetaphil or something along those lines. And then I’m really big on moisturizing –I don’t want to use that anti-aging, strip your skin stuff yet. I use a night cream and SKII eye cream, especially in the winter, to have everything stay super moisturized.

Most of the time I’m big on [playing up] my eyes with a pink cheek and nude lip. I always have to have black eyeliner in the interior rim of my eyes; I think it makes them look really bright. I typically use NARS but those new Dolce and Gabbana ones are really good too. At night, sometimes I’ll use Makeup Forever liquid liner to do a fun little cat eye and a lot of mascara. For the pink cheek I use NARS Orgasm a lot — and that Benefit blush (CORALista) is nice too.

I like to use lipstick as an accessory — sometimes I’ll do a red or a really deep burgundy. I really like a neon pink if I’m wearing gray; I think it’s fun.  I wear a lot of MAC lipsticks (Pink Nouveau) and those Dolce and Gabbana reds. I have four different shades of red from them and they’re all so good. My favorite of theirs for nighttime is Scarlett — it has some blue to it and is a little bit darker.

I do wash my hair everyday even though they tell you not to. I try to use light products like the Shu Uemura shampoo.

My older sister was way more into beauty than I ever was and she collects products. So when I was in eighth grade and she was a junior in high school, she had this metallic vamp lipstick by Chanel in this purpley silver color. I wore it a lot, which looked probably pretty ridiculous since I was only in eighth grade. Looking back, it was actually pretty sophisticated that I was interested in thirty-five dollar lipstick when I was fourteen [laughs].”

-As told to The Formula / Photos by Aimee Blaut in New York

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  • She is so gorgeous! A natural beauty!