“I’m from California and was going to college at UC San Diego and studying biology — I’m a complete nerd [laughs] — and then I got scouted on the street. I had a test shoot and the next thing I knew, I was in Paris for fashion week. My agent told me that Christian Dior and Prada wanted to meet me, but at the time I had no idea who those designers were. I had never really looked at fashion magazines growing up. So I moved to Paris and the day I landed, I met John Galliano and he basically started my career.

I’ve transitioned all of my products to organic skincare over the past six months. I’ve become really aware of what I put on my skin. My face wash is a really gentle one called Melvita; it’ss very moisturizing. I have dry skin so I don’t like to scrub it too much. There’s this incredible brand called Kahina Giving Beauty, it’s Argan oil based and the lady who runs it is amazing. She gives twenty percent of her profits to women in Morocco who harvest the Argan oil… it’s an interesting brand and her products are so wonderful. They have this Toning Mist that I love. I used to use rose water but I felt like it didn’t do anything. This stuff smells divine and really perks up my complexion.

My favorite moisturizers are by Dr. Hauschka. I use her basic moisturizer in the summer and the Rose Day Cream in the winter because it’s much thicker and feels like it’s giving me a barrier. Rose is one of my favorite smells. My grandma used to use a lot of rose as well.

Makeup I love. I’m a big makeup junkie, though most days I have a pretty natural look. I have more fun playing up my lips than my eyes.  I’ve got small eyes that tend to disappear when I smile, so they can’t take that much makeup. Sometimes I do a smokey brown eye though. I love Lancome Définicils Precious Cells for mascara. I have pretty fine lashes and their brush is pretty delicate and thin. I’m having a harder transition into natural makeup products. I just bought this amazing concealer by RMS, Uncover Up. It’s moisturizing and it doesn’t cake, so it goes on under your eyes in a lovely way.

My biggest makeup vice, though, is lipstick. I have so many. Recently I have been into Armani lipsticks for my natural color days. They have a smooth texture and are moisturizing but not too shiny. Then for bright colors, I like the NARS pencils. There is something really cool about it being a chunky pencil [laughs]; it looks like my colored pencils. Red Square is my favorite. Revlon also has some great colors. And Tom Ford, I have a couple of those that my husband bought for me. I adore the packaging; it’s so beautiful and they smell gorgeous and feel luxurious. They remind me of my mom. I rememeber the first time I went traveling by myself and my mom bought me a little pink lipstick and told me, ‘you should always have a pink lipstick with you.’ And now I have bowls of lipstick everywhere.

I’m quite a stressy, anxious person most of the time. I’m always buzzing around so I try to have a bath everyday. They really calm me down and are so relaxing. I make my own bath salts with lavender oil and epsom salts. My newest thing is using pure coconut oil to shave your legs — it’s amazing. I make my own body scrubs as well with essential oils and sugar.”


-As told to The Formula / Photos by: Aimee Blaut -Illustrations by: Katy Smail

  • Luciana Micaela

    i’m confused… is this the same person? http://vimeo.com/64179353

    • WOWZA5

      Hmmm..does seem confusing. Grew up in CA–but from Scotland with zero accent?? Living in LA, scouted as a model–then living in Paris. Now living in NY as an artist and author/illustrator. Okay..I guess.