“It’s funny because I am known for doing swimsuits because of my work with Sports Illustrated but I hardly ever do them throughout the year.  I work for Gant, I do a ton of other stuff. So when I do have to do swimwear I’m like, ‘oh my goodness,’ and have to work out a little bit harder and forget the pizza and the pasta [laughs]. But it’s fun and I get to go to really cool locations. You learn different tricks on set; for example I know when my hair is feeling oily that the saltwater will dry it out and give it that really beachy look. Sometimes I do a little sand scrub to exfoliate my body and look like a sand mummy [laughs] — all those little beach tricks.

I wake up in the morning and brush my teeth and shower. I don’t wash my hair every day because it dries it out. I love these Spin Pins by Goody, they give you the best texture ever. You put your hair up in a bun and when you pull it down it gives you a lot of volume. I use them all the time and they don’t give you an elastic crease. For some extra texture in the summer Sachajuan makes a great Ocean Mist for good beachy hair look.

Depending on how my skin is reacting to either flying or a treatment, my routine varies. If it is really dry I will exfoliate in the shower with gloves from hammams and some salts. Afterwards when my skin is still damp I’ll put lotion all over. The moisture mixed with the lotion makes your skin softer. I’m in an in-between phase now with moisturizer and am looking for the perfect one.

If I have to do errands, I will just put moisturizer on. If I have to go to castings, I will use a bit of concealer by Garnier; it gets rid of my dark circles, and then a little cream blush by NARS in Orgasm. You can put it on your eyes, your lips and your cheeks. It is kind of like an all-over face go to. I use Rosebud Salve lip balm; I don’t do color or gloss on my lips. With gloss, your hair just gets stuck to it. The minute you put it on, your hair is a magnet.

I’ve gotten into the phase of protecting my skin more. Now I do a spray tan; I go to Portofino and they’re really good. There’s always that first time you go out into the sun and you’re really pale. I think my boyfriend even mentioned it the first time I wore shorts last summer, he was like, ‘you shouldn’t be wearing shorts just yet.’ I was like, ‘excuse me!’ [laughs]. The transparent skin look isn’t a good one for bikinis though. I’ve actually found that while traveling, that the L’Oreal self-tanning wipes are amazing because they don’t streak at all and they blend real nicely. They are almost like baby wipes and you just rub them all over your body and wash your hands. I made the mistake of not washing my hands once and they were bright orange.

I went to Turkey and I’ve been to Morocco and I love all the baths and hammams there. Whenever I travel and there is a really good treatment I totally dive into it. Trump Soho has a great Moroccan Hammam, so when I  am here in the city I go there. When I fly for so long I always need a readjustment to get things back in place.”

-As told to The Formula / Photos by Aimee Blaut in New York