“I’ve been working for ASOS since last year and it’s been amazing. I love ASOS because it’s inclusive and makes fashion fun and exciting for all; it’s affordable but more than that, it’s really optimistic – and that’s such an important element in an industry that can so so often be the opposite. ASOS really embraces an open-minded attitude towards fashion, and I love creating features for the site based around cool, interesting people working in creative fields – usually my friends!

The first thing I do every morning is put Pawpaw ointment on my lips. I’m so Australian; I have a huge tub of it by my bed! After a bracing hot shower – I love super hot showers – I use NARS Hydrating Moisture Cream every day. I have sensitive skin and I‘ve found that NARS is the perfect moisturizer for me. Every night I put pure rose hip oil on my face – it’s incredibly moisturizing because the oil absorbs directly into your skin, I also use NARS Gel Hydrator at night a few times a week.

As for make-up – each day I put a bit of MAC concealer around my eyes and on my nose if it’s a little bit red because of winter [laughs]. The mascara I use was given to me by Topshop last season and it’s been amazing. I can’t recommend it enough – I have no eyelashes, they just stick directly out – but this mascara actually makes it look like I have some eyelash scenario going on. I use a lot on my bottom lashes because that’s where I have some length. I don’t get it when girls don’t play up their bottom lashes – utilize that, it’s such a great 60s look!  I also love to use the quite bright Pink Swoon blush by Mac on my cheeks, and if I’m feeling pale and in need of a summer getaway, Nars Laguna bronzer.

I mainly just use Pawpaw ointment on my lips but if I decide to go with a lipstick, my favorites are definitely by MAC. The colors I particularly love are Lady Danger, which is a really awesome orangey red and Vegas Volt, a cheesy neon coral. The other lipsticks I love are by Chanel; La Ravissante, Rouge Allure Velvet, and in sheer Liberté.

When I take my makeup off I use the Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip Cleanser  because it’s really the best cleanser I’ve ever used. It’s very gentle, and when I finish cleansing, my skin isn’t dry; I really hate that feeling of tightness.

I have an obsession with perfumes for sure. My mum bought me Dior Cherie  when I was a teenager — I might have been seventeen and I’ve been using it ever since. A friend gave me Mademoiselle  by Chanel, which I absolutely love and my sister gave me Flower Bomb by Viktor and Rolf, which I thought would be too sweet but it’s amazing (and so is the bottle.) Perfumes seem so old fashioned, but the scent you wear really becomes something people remember you by.

This year I also collaborated with an amazing fashion label in Australia – Something Else by Natalie Wood. Natalie takes in a lot of really great references for her designs – the label is always drawing on art, music and different themes to create each collection. They asked me to write a short story for their upcoming collection for Fall 2012, which I titled “Highway of the Brave” – It’s about a wild, free-spirited girl who goes on a road trip in search of pineapples and palm trees, and has bizarre experiences and meets amazing people along the way. The story inspired parts of the collection, and a few dresses of my own –  which is such an honor. The incredible illustrator Julie Verhoeven also collaborated on the collection, creating all of the insanely beautiful prints throughout. There will be a limited edition Indigo dress available in one or two colors as well on ASOS. I am super excited and absolutely beyond honored to be a part of it.”

-As told to The Formula / Photos by Aimee Blaut in New York