Eep! I’m pregnant. It’s been hard keeping it a secret, but I broke the news a few weeks ago on instagram, which you saw right!? ( seriously follow me on instagram). I’m in week 21 ( 5+ months), which means the incessant vomiting has finally stopped- hooray! After spending four plus months in a state of constant nausea and fatigue things are finally looking up. Being pregnant has presented a myriad of challenges on a variety of fronts. Some have been fun to tackle like choosing a crib while others like puberty level breakouts, dizziness and aversions to all foods except for fruits and potatoes have been met with less enthusiasm. I also only recently started to look ‘pregnant’. The past few months I’ve merely looked like I got married and let myself go. I’m actually convinced I am suffering from a kind of reverse pregnancy situation where the weight has been displaced to my derriere. Unfortunately, this hasn’t helped my case with getting people to let me sit down on the subway!

We found out we are having a girl and seeing her wiggle around on the sonograms makes it all worth it. In the next few weeks I will share some of my beauty essentials, experience tackling new situations (like how to deal when you wake up to massive boobs) and other preggy tips– some may be old news while others were harder to come by. If you have any tips or advice please shoot me an email or leave them in the comments section below.

Oh and here are a few pics of the bump this week!


Cover photo courtesy of ELLE Australia