“I was born and raised in New York. It’s funny because growing up, everyone around you is from Manhattan, and then I went to NYU and right away realized there was no one there from the city. It was a bizarre change… you are in the same place you have been your entire life, but now everyone is new.

I had a band coming out of high school and we would play around the city a lot. We started throwing our own party called Shin Dig, which were these loft parties we would move around to different places. We would have a few bands play and artists would show their work. It was ten dollars to get in with an open bar… It was a total shitshow at the time. People started to notice us and gave us nights to play at bars around town. That’s how I started DJing. I got into bartending at Beatrice and DJed there too. When Beatrice closed I stopped bartending and kept up with DJing, navigating through it all, finding the right places. Now it’s a lot easier to manage, I guess cause’ I’ve been around for a while.I DJ at the Soho Grand, those guys are all really nice; it’s like family. I am there on Fridays, PH-D on Mondays and some other places throughout the week.

My grooming habits are pretty minimal. I have one product that I swear by. I can’t live without Nivea Baby. It’s a super thick moisturizer and I use it on my hands, my hair, everywhere. Instead of using products in my hair, I use it almost as a putty to give it a little shine and make it more manageable. That’s definitely something that nobody knows [laughs]. I bought it one time in Croatia and can’t live without it. My father is Croatian and I have a lot of family there, so we go there every summer, and it’s the only place I have ever been able to find it. I’m very protective of it, too [laughs]. My girlfriend isn’t even allowed to use it. Seriously, one of my worst fears in life is running out of this stuff. I have tried to find it online but you can’t buy it anywhere, so in my closet I have a stack of them. I keep one on me at all times, there’s even one in my DJ bag.

I am pretty sure I have hyperhidrosis, where you have excessive sweating. So I get Botox in my armpits and it works really well. It’s pretty amazing actually. I have to do it every five or six months, it’s like sixteen shots per armpit, but they are little ones. It’s great and insurance covers it.

I get my hair cut at Dop Dop on Mercer. I don’t really shave; I just have a trimmer and buzz. I shave maybe once or twice a year, clean-shaven. I can’t really grow a full mustache. A few years ago I wanted one pretty badly and I grew it as long as I could, but it still looked like a little Puerto Rican kid [laughs].”

-As told to The Formula / Photos by Aimee Blaut in New York