“I handle everything that Nylon does online. I come in every morning and take the reader’s temperature and figure out what everybody is obsessed with, what everybody wants to see and then make it happen. Sometimes that means going deeper into a feature that we’ve already done in the magazine, sometimes that means highlighting a trend we’ve seen on the street. It’s really cool and very agile – touches a bit of everything. My background is as a fashion writer, but the great thing about Nylon is there’s a lot fashion but there’s also film and art and music and life.

So I wake up and then go back to sleep and when I finally get up, I wash my face with baby shampoo because my skin dries out easily. It’s also a great makeup remover because it’s tearless. I use a little bit on a washcloth and water to get off my mascara at night. I also have a Lancôme eye makeup remover, which is brilliant, but if I come home late, I always use the baby shampoo.

I don’t like foundation; I’m into tinted moisturizer. I grew up doing theatre so real honest-to-god foundation makes me feel like I’m going on stage. I usually take a few drops of tinted moisturizer and mix it with more moisturizer and then put it on my face. I like it really sheer and can’t stand having a thick coat of anything on my face. I’m a major Oil of Olay fan and have been using their moisturizer since I was twelve or thirteen. I also love Covergirl’s Natureluxe tinted moisturizer; it spreads easily and is super gentle.

I  go out a lot so I really adore my concealer and Benefit makes a great one called Erase Paste. You put a tiny drop on your finger and spread it under your eyes and instantly, you look like you are the most responsible, bedtime-adhering person ever.  It makes me look far more capable than I probably am.  Usually I just finish it off with a little swipe of black liquid eyeliner. I call it a kitten eye instead of a cat eye ‘cause it doesn’t really go out all the way. It’s that kind of Skipper to the cat eye Barbie; I’m super into it.

Pop Beauty makes a great liquid liner if you are not comfortable using other ones – it’s really, really fat. It’s more of a marker so you can get a good grip on it. Guerlain’s terracotta black eyeliner is what I usually use when I’m going out and want a very strong, black liquid, Mrs. Robinson-kind-of-eye. I’m also a big fan of cake eyeliner; it’s great if you want it to last all day. I like mascara now but I didn’t used to. Actually, Nylon did a really cool shoot for our December/January issue with all these mod girls and seeing that got me excited to use mascara.

I’m a big lipstick girl; I love colors, I love pink, I love red, I love purple.  I had a moment where I did a dried blood red lipstick, and people were confused because I’m such a giggly girl. It was like that time in My So Called Life when Angela Chase dyed her hair red and you sort of knew it’s not really who she was – but I sort of loved it anyway. I am often late for parties, or work, or life in general and if I have time for nothing else, I’ll throw on a lipstick. My default is this rich matte red. Poppy King’s line Lipstick Queen has a great, thick, matte red called Sinner; it goes on and is the same color as the tube, super pigmented.

If I’m wearing my hair curly I usually leave in some Bumble and bumble super rich moisturizing conditioner, that’s my favorite. I wash out 60% and add a little bit of a setting balm to lock in the moisture. When you have curly hair you learn really quickly what shape of curl you like, more compact or chunkier. It’s silly because your friends can’t even tell the difference, but you can. You develop this very personal relationship with your curly hair and know exactly how you want it to dry. I have spent years developing these almost alchemist formulas to curl my hair perfectly. In the winter, I straighten my hair the quickest way possible with either olive oil or John Frieda serum and flat iron it. I love the Charlotte Ronson beach texturizing spray too – it smells so good.”

-As told to The Formula / Photos by Aimee Blaut