“I met Michael at Bergdorf’s. He was the men’s fashion director and I was doing PR. We found out that we worked really well together. When he left to start his own brand he basically asked me to go with him so I did. We started that together and now we have Michael Bastian and the Gant by Michael Bastian line that’s based in Sweden and we do an exclusive suit program for Barneys. We kind of have those three balls in the air. It’s a lot of work but it’s fun. For Gant, I help with the women’s wear collection design, and for everything else I do the PR and the business equation of it. You play a lot of roles when you are the first person in a company [laughs].  Menswear is the best way to get into fashion without dealing with any drama. All the designers are nice, they are all friends and it’s a great vibe, very different than womenswear.

I wash my face with water in the morning and then I do the whole Priori process: toner, serum, gel cream. I have super dry skin and super super sensitive skin, so I kind of have to do all that. Then I use this miracle Priori powder, it seeps into your skin and is amazing. I don’t have to use concelear or tinted moisturizer anymore just that. It is so good and helps loosen up all your sunspots.

I do what Diana says. Diana is the owner of the Bbar Spa at the Soho Grand and is very involved with the science of skin care. I go to her, Michael goes to her, a bunch of people see her. She is a very talented woman. Basically I told her that I need someone to start showing me how to take care of my skin. I would rather invest in someone who can advise me than in a bunch of other stuff. I see her every two month religiously. She’s the one who turned me onto the Priori brand. I didn’t want to change because I loved all the products I used. But at my birthday she was like listen, here is my birthday present just shut up, use it and tell me what you think when I see you in two months.  So I started using it and of course I loved it.

For makeup I use Lancôme Art Liner, it’s like a little marker. I always do one line in different colors. It’s so good. I use a crazy Mexican mascara. It’s made out of the seed of a fruit. I’m obsessed with it. It’s the only mascara that won’t make my eyelashes fall off. It clearly isn’t waterproof because it has no chemicals in it but it’s so good. It costs twenty-five pesos, which is the equivalent of two dollars. They don’t even sell it at cosmetics stores, only at natural food stores. It’s amazing. It kind of sucks in the summer because if you sweat too much it comes off.

I’m a lipstick girl, I don’t like gloss. YSL lipsticks are my favorite and I like Chanel lipsticks a lot too. That brand Nyx makes lipstick in a tube that goes on matte. One of them is bright pink and every time I wear it I get an email from my friend Victoria ‘can you send me the name of the lipstick you are using’ [laughs]. And I’m like dude you’ve asked me twenty times, it’s the same one. I use Laura Mercier blush and that is basically it.

For massages I go to Peter  Baldassari. I’m not sure if he even has a website. I just go to his house and I know that a lot of other fashion people do too. He is so sweet and set up an extra room in his house to see clients. It’s nice because you don’t have to deal with the whole robe and tea if you just want to go and get a really good massage–its genius.”

-As told to The Formula / Photos by Aimee Blaut in New York