“I’ve been working at Parelle for a few weeks now and before that I was at Cosmopolitan for six years. I started working in beauty as a makeup artist for a big agency in Sweden called MIKAs. I worked with them for five or six years–I have always been working with beauty in some kind of way. My father is a photographer so since I was a child I was working with photos.

Right now I have a new challenge because I am working to brand Parelle and make it an online glossy with a shopping experience. If you have someone styling you and giving you the world of beauty then you can get motivated and inspired. It feels like somebody has given me a whole new magazine, and that is so great, I have so much freedom. There is a big difference though between how things work in print and on the web so I need to think in entirely new terms than I am used to, which is wonderful.

I wake up at six in the morning and get up very quietly because the other people in the family are still sleeping. I run straight into the bathroom. Outside of the bathroom I keep a box with all of my makeup. We have such a tiny bathroom that there is nowhere to put it, so I just have to travel around the apartment with this box (laughs).  I am very focused on having good skin so I try to take good care of it. I use Estelle & Thild Neroli Cleansing Gel. If it’s cold and dry outside I put on Exuviance Ultra Restorative Creme. I like it because it is very fatty, so it really moisturizes my skin well. I always use my Ole Henriksen roller eye gel; you get the perfect amount of product without getting your hands sticky. My all time favorite for my lips is La Mer The Lip Balm; I couldn’t use anything else. The skin on your lips is just as sensitive as the skin around your eyes so it’s important to take care of it.

My favorite foundation right now is Chanel Perfection Lumiere. I also love the new DiorSkin Nude BB Cream. My base really depends on how I look each morning though, some days I wake up and think Oh my god! I really need something strong to roll over my whole face with. I hate when my skin is feeling dull and I haven’t slept well or have some dark circles. If I am really grey and dull I use GlamGlow, it’s the best facial mask I’ve ever tried. My face feels moisturized and glows, even my husband notices after I’ve used it.

I am always looking for the best mascara and I just found a new all time favorite, Benefit They’re Real. I love that the brush is small enough to use on my bottom lashes. DiorShow New Mascara is perfect for long flirty lashes. I use Dior lipsticks a lot because they have good coral and peach tones. MAC and MAX Factor have some amazing shades as well. My favorite blush is from Estee Lauder. You just need to use a touch of it, and the packaging is so beautiful!

At night I take it all off with Decleor eye makeup remover, its one of the best. My makeup disappears so fast and I don’t even need to make an effort. Then I use Estelle & Thild cleanser, which also takes off your makeup—so my eyes are very clean when I am done. Next I apply their Facial Oil and let it soak into my skin before layering Exuviance Evening Restorative Complexon top. In the summer I skip the oil and go for an Estee Lauder serum instead.”

-As told to The Formula / Photos by: Aimee Blaut in Stockholm