“All of my friends in Brazil did a little surgery, but I think that they changed so much. It was such a wonderful life I have had, it’s been hard sometimes, but I think my face should show it all.

I have been wearing the same makeup for a while now. It’s La Mer crème first, and I use then this MAC product that evens out my skin tone. Next I use continuous coverage foundation, by Clinique, the one in the green tube–it’s very greasy. Then I use Clinique powder in number 6. The blush I am wearing is Sisley, it’s a bluish color, so it doesn’t go with everything but I like it.

Now I have a problem with my eyes, but I use a Clinique crayon eyeliner on them. And I wear the MAC eyeliner that comes in a little pot with a brush, but I make sure to use a very fine brush. I take hours to do it, because of all of my wrinkles  are fighting against me. How long it takes can depend on how much I’ve slept (laughs). My lipstick is a mix of MAC Spirit, which I have been wearing for a long time and Sisley in 14. It’s yellow with some blue in it -but when I mix them together I get a color that is just right.”

-As told to The Formula / Photos by Aimee Blaut in Paris