It’s a rare that I do an interview without shooting the photos myself—in fact this is the first one. But when Cindy Crawford calls you up from a lake in Canada to chat beauty, you make an exception–

“Growing up I used to lay out with baby oil in my backyard. When I started modeling, one of my first jobs was a trip, and I got sunburned on the very first day. A makeup artist showed me that it’s really hard to cover up a sunburn or tan skin with makeup; but you can always make someone darker. That was the first time I really became aware that I needed to look after my skin.

I started working with Revlon when I was twenty-one and promoted their products for fourteen years. When I was twenty-eight I met Dr. Sebagh through a friend–he became my go to guy for my skin and I became his Guinea pig (laughs). He would do my vitamin treatments at his office in Paris and I always saw such a remarkable difference. At that time I was in Paris often enough that I could go and see him, but once I had my children and settled in L.A. I stopped traveling to France as much. I would always joke ‘can’t you just bottle this for me!’ That was how the idea started. I was still under contract with Revlon so when that was up and I decided not to renew it I thought about doing a line with him. At the time I was thirty-five and had so much experience after working with Revlon. Honestly, I wanted it bottled for me—it was pretty selfish. If he would have been willing to send me little bottles of stuff I would have been happy—who knows if we would have done the line together (laughs). I never made a conscious decision to start Meaningful Beauty—it wasn’t something I had been planning. It just evolved naturally.

The great thing about having your own skincare line is that you can create it around what your needs are (laughs). As my skin has changed we’ve been able to add more products. A usual day for me starts with Skin Softening Cleanser. Then I wear the SPF Day Cream, Eye Cream and Décolleté Cream. That’s my simple routine for running around town or going to the gym. If I’m working, sometimes I use the Glowing Serum if I feel like I need a little extra glow—it really does what it says, I love it!

I’m away on vacation at a lake right now so I am not in the makeup mode (laughs). And when I’m working I don’t put anything on, I just show up and sit in the makeup chair. But on a regular day when I have a meeting or am running my kids to school I start with Anti-Wrinkle Capsules as a primer. I think as I get older I certainly wear less makeup and less foundation which why it is even more important to take good care of your skin. If your skin looks good you don’t feel like you need to cover it up with makeup. I’ve been alternating between NARS Tinted Moisturizer or a Jane Iredale Mineral Foundation. I never really liked mineral foundation because it always made me look shiny but I really like hers. It’s funny it’s the only makeup I have ever put on that my husband actually liked—he hates makeup (laughs). As soon as I put any foundation on or even concealer it’s important to put color back into my skin because it’s a blank canvas. I’ll put a little blush on. I’m all over the place with blush, I have creams, sticks, powders—it really just depends what I’m in the mood for. And lastly I apply Maybelline Lash Stiletto Mascara in brown. For me black for real life, just seems too much. I like to wear some brown Armani liner inside my eyes if I’m going out at night. But if it’s an event I’ll have a makeup artist do my makeup then we can try other stuff.

I really love Sonia Kashuk’s line, she’s a friend of mine and she has a range at Target. She always has great lip colors and brushes. That is the piece people can forget. You need good tools to put your makeup on. With mineral foundation—you really need a good brush for that. Otherwise you get too much product on or not enough and it’s important to buff it.

When I was younger I was guilty of falling asleep with makeup on—but now I am really careful and make sure I get it all off before going to bed and then getting the moisture on. I want to use those eight hours of me resting to really nurture my skin.  Before I go to bed I wash it all off with the same cleanser. We have a new product Crème de Serum and I love using that before bed. Finally I’ll put on my Eye and Neck Creams  and then I know it’s time to get to sleep.

Over the years I’ve tried different diets and exercise routines, some stick and some don’t. I have exercised pretty regularly since I was about twenty years old. The exercises themselves change based on where I am, but the point is doing something. I am at a lake right now; I don’t have a gym so I’ve been swimming. And one of the things I really love is my infrared sauna-I love that! I try to get in three times a week. After I’ve worked out and then saunaed for thirty minutes that is as good as I feel. My skin is tingly and my skin is flushed. In terms of what I eat I feel like it changes every couple of years what you’re suppose to eat. I try to be eighty percent good eighty percent of the time. That seems doable (laughs). If I say that I’m not eating any carbs then that is all I want. I know what’s reasonable and I try to stick to that.”


-As told to The Formula