“I grew up a book worm, scribbling little poems and stories in notebooks, but always assumed I was going to be a ballet dancer. When that didn’t work out, I had to figure out what I wanted to do with my life [laughs]. While studying English and Women’s Studies in school, I was lucky enough to meet Sally Singer. I interned for her at Vogue and was blown away by her approach to fashion journalism. I’ve never felt more inspired. Working in fashion news and features you learn so much because you are talking about fashion constantly on so many levels – understanding the most intricate details and why they are important. Plus, I am meeting young designers and new creative people all the time, and how fun is that. What I do now at T Magazine is helping to create the front of book fashion – which embodies everything from creating ideas to seeing them through to the pages of T. At the New York Times and T, it’s sort of amazing because it’s not just industry people reading the features – we have such a broach reach and scope. Sally is brilliant at showing people’s natural beauty at home and in their life. And it’s a brilliant thing to be a part of.

I used to have really bad skin so I started seeing Dangene here in New York. She does a lot of facials that really cleared up my skin. It’s a regimen of microdermabrasions. I have to keep my face wash really simple. My face, it’s really delicate, or at least I think so [laughs]. At one point I was using too many products and it was complicating things. Now I use Sanitas, they have a great Lactic Cleanser, hydrating toner and rejuvenating retinol. In the morning I splash on some water, pat my face and use a Sanitas toner. If I’m traveling I use a small bottle of Cetaphil and it works fine.

I try not to wear that much makeup or look like I have much on. I probably shouldn’t wear a concelear or a foundation but I do [laughs]. I make sure I wash it off at night though. I like NARS and Chanel. As I’m naturally olive-skinned and in Manhattan, I’m not really getting much sun so my olive goes to yellow. I like to use a foundation with a little bit of tint. I have a brown Chanel eyeshadow that I smudge as an eyeliner. And more than mascara I like an eyebrow pencil in a dark brown.

My biggest thing is my after-shower routine. I lotion like crazy with a simple, hydrating, Duane Reade-style one like Cetaphil or Neutrogena. I like a hearty lotion and afterwards. I use Shea Butter and tea tree rose oil on top of that. It’s a slippery situation [laughs].

My aunt, who lives here in the city at the Chelsea Hotel, has this beautiful powder from Italy. She mixes it with water and uses it as a face mask. She always makes them for me when I visit and it’s really fun. She mixes it up in a cocktail glass. The whole tradition around it is a nice memory. Whenever I go over there, either for dinner or just to visit, I always use the mask, I should really find out what it’s called [laughs].”

-As told to The Formula / Photos by Aimee Blaut in New York