Archie Comic’s leading ladies invited The Formula into their homes last week; they spilled their beauty secrets and personal favorites from their soon to be released collaboration with MAC cosmetics. Enjoy!

Can you share your beauty routine?

BETTY: Gosh, in the morning I’m so busy preparing a balanced breakfast, baking cookies for Archie, making sure dad eats healthy before heading off to work, helping mom straighten up and finishing up studying that I hardly have time to do any makeup! I usually just stick with washing my face with gentle liquid facial cleanser, and brushing my hair back and putting it in a ponytail! If I do have time, I like to throw on some glittery lip gloss—but it always comes off before the day is over!

VERONICA:  You’d be surprised, but my morning routine’s pretty basic and quick. First, I use soap with a PH-balance of 7 to scrub off any dead skin or make up residue.  My face has to be perfectly clean before I put on any makeup—I mean, would an artist start a painting on a dirty canvas? I don’t think so! To pick up any remaining dirt, I apply toner all over my face. I follow that up by massaging a light moisturizer—my skin is naturally perfectly moisturized, but it doesn’t hurt to make my skin feel even smoother! I then apply some SPF 30 sunscreen (tans are lovely, but there’s nothing fun about burning your skin—no matter what the weather, sunscreen is a MUST.) Then, I use a primer so my skin is soft and make up ready.

Up next it’s time for a natural-looking liquid foundation and a little bit of powder so my skin doesn’t look shiny. I always have to be ready in case someone snaps any candid yearbook photos—and shiny skin + camera flash=disaster!  Most people use concealer next—but look at me—what would I possibly want to hide?! For some color, I look to the M·A·C Archie’s Girls collection, of course: Prom Princess Powder Blush, Eye Shadow quad in Spoiled Rich and quick swipe of Mall Madness Lipglass. My beauty routine only takes about an hour every morning, so it’s not too bad. But even if it took longer, what’s time for the price of beauty?

Favorite  make-up tip ? 

BETTY:  I prefer natural looks, so the texture of the skin is very important. I drink a lot of water and apply moisturizer everyday to maintain my supple skin.

VERONICA: Play up your features and make a bold statement with colors. Have fun with the colors!

You girls are still in high school, so what’s your favorite subject?

VERONICA: Well that’s easy: boys!

BETTY: Veronica, there’s more to school than just boys! I love English class, especially when we study William Shakespeare. Those poems and plays are so romantic—even the tragic and comedic ones have amazing love stories! Who doesn’t love love?

VERONICA: Well EXCUSE ME, but who wants to READ about love when you can be out there pursuing it?! Studying boys is not a game; it’s an art form in and of itself. I, for one, would rather have boys interested in what I have to say then what some old dude who made up his own words and phrases said. Plus, he didn’t even write most of that stuff.

BETTY: We are NOT even going to go there…

Is there a special splurge item you are eyeing at the moment?

VERONICA: Item? Try a whole 2-page list worth of items! Anything by DVF, an iPad mini and the entire MAC Archie’s Girls collection.

BETTY: I can’t really think of anything—as long as I have my friends and family, I’m content!

VERONICA: Oh, PUH-lease!

BETTY: Ok, I really love Betty Bright Lipstick from M·A·C Archie’s Girls. I love a peachy pink and if I can get a cute dress to match it, I will look great at the Spring Fling. Archie won’t believe his eyes!

VERONICA: Ugh, don’t tell me Archie asked you to go to that too!

BETTY: You too?

VERONICA: I officially change my answer: I want a giant-sized planner, but not for myself—FOR ARCHIE.

BETTY: Ditto!

-As told to The Formula / Illustrations by Archie Comics for The Formula