“It took me six years to create The Boudoir Bible. It’s a mission of love and pleasure and meant to be spread around. I am so fortunate to have it sold here in Paris and at the Marc Jacobs stores in New York. The book is a consequence of the bodywork I’ve been doing because I realized that we were still fairly sexually ignorant as a society. It became very evident to me that there were some basic things that people did not know about their bodies and pleasing each other, I just kept getting surprised. I think sometimes we take sex very seriously when in reality we should just be playing.

If you have a box of knowledge around sex you can play safely, and there are lots of ways to love each other. Walking around Paris the other day I noticed an Etam lingerie add where the model is flexing a crop. If you have a crop, it is a powerful tool. If you are striking someone’s body you better know how to strike or when to strike otherwise you are dangerous. You don’t go out and buy an appliance without instructions.

I’m not a creature of habit and neither is my skin; I’m always looking to find a perfect experience. I change with every season and I need to alternate my beauty routine as well. But I always love to start my day with handstands and inverted poses; they bring blood and fresh oxygen to my whole body. And even though it is considered a real ‘no no’ I like to take a hot bath. I always add something to the water either rose petals or bath salts and finish off with a cold rinse.

I’m a redhead so I have delicate skin. In the morning and evening I use my Clarisonic with Shu Uemura cleansing oil rather than soap. I love Bioderma tonic since it’s really gentle. I have issues with dry skin in the wintertime so I use organic face oils to combat dryness. I am a firm believer in going to the Hamam every week and exfoliating. It’s important to detoxify and shed your dead skin cells. I find the whole experience really centering and I love being washed by someone.

Eye makeup removal is a tricky thing, especially if you wear waterproof products. I’ve been using a solution from La Roche Posay and it is such an elegant effortless removal. In the evening I sleep in Weleda Wild Rose Night Cream a couple of times a week, I can feel it feeding my skin, otherwise I don’t sleep in any product. My skin needs to breathe at night.

In terms of makeup I am in love with the Mugler line. They make a pre-foundation that has a lot of blue in it. Being that I am a redhead, my skin has a lot of peach tones, not like my friend Dita, who is made of milk (laughs). This product really evens things out and the foundation is also amazing. That is my base ritual. During the day I don’t wear any mascara at all, I have quite fair eyelashes so if I do a bare eye and red lip it becomes an ethereal look. I love Shiseido lipsticks and of course Chanel nail polish.

I’m a natural redhead but I go slightly darker and a bit more graphic. I don’t take any color out I just enhance it. When I’m in New York, Michael Angelo at Wonderland does my color and in Paris I use Tanya Gandray. She worked with Mugler quite a bit and is my private hairdresser who comes to my home. I don’t like to go to the salon, except to see Michael Angelo of course, because he has a backroom. The whole concept of putting people in windows to hang out for three hours is not for me. In France my lady comes, she does my hair, my feet, she does everything and I adore her. I can hang out in my kimono during the whole process it’s perfect.

Everything is 360 degrees. If I wasn’t always working around the body and pleasure I think I’d go crazy. I have my jewelry work and my design work, which I’ve done forever. For the first time I am working in marble, which is incredible. I will eventually create some small pieces but at the moment I am working in a monumental scale. There is a version of my piece The Origin, which will be three meters high in the process of being finished. It is a monument to sex, and penetration and the origin of each and every one of us.”

As told to The Formula

Photos by Aimee Blaut in Paris