It recently dawned on me that I have never dedicated a feature to the products I use from the neck down. With skin being the largest human organ, the area from your décolletage to your toes makes up most of it. So here is a little tribute to the things I’ve been using below my neckline lately:

1. I rediscovered an unopened bottle of Super Hero Body from Super by Dr. Perricone while unpacking. The lotion is infused with olive polyphenols with instructions that read ‘don’t drizzle — drench.’ I followed suit, impressed by the name, and have started using it pretty regularly. I’ve found my skin retaining moisture longer throughout the day.

2. After Prisca Courtin Clarins’ rave reviews about Tonic Huile last month, I have started using it on my hips and derriere. It has a luxurious texture and an incredible smell that lingers throughout the day.

3. Kenzoki’s Sensual Bare Body Cream is my newest obsession. The smell is subtle and sweet with Belle de nuit seed extract, which apparently is said to have ‘aphrodisiac properties.’ (I am still waiting on that one.) But the high concentration of Cupuacu butter and Rice plant water combine to create a cream that is light in texture and soft to the touch – a winning combo for a body lotion.

Photos by Aimee Blaut in Stockholm