“At Refinery29, I’m responsible for all of the New York newsletters that go out everyday. Gosh, it’s so nerve-wracking, once it’s up, even after there’s nothing else I can really do, I still click through it probably four or five times. I also put up seven to nine stories per day on the New York channel. If I don’t write them I edit them, just making sure it’s a good mix of beauty and fashion and keeping it local and in our voice. It’s different everyday and that’s totally fun.

My beauty regimen involves waking up and trying to look as presentable as possible. Everyday I use Olay moisturizer and it makes my skin super soft. I have a La Prairie eye cream that I love. I put it on at my desk multiple times a day. That’s basically it for skin care, but I really love my Chloe perfume. The bottle is beautiful and the scent suits me well.

In terms of makeup, I start off with Benefit Erase Paste, it works wonders under my eyes. Then I throw a bit of Chanel bronzer on my cheekbones and a Benefit blush that’s super light. For eyeliner, I alternate between a gel and YSL pencil. I do the cat eye but it mostly looks like I smudged myself, but I try [laughs]. At night I do a smokey eye. I have tons of brushes but I usually just smudge some NARS brown on with my fingers and let it be. Since I have blonde hair and blonde eyelashes I have to wear mascara or else I look like the walking dead. I use L’Oréal Voluminous Lashes, which you can just buy at a drug store.

I try to keep it pretty natural, but sometimes I go for a pop of color on my lips. I use either a neon or go super dark like Tom Ford’s Black Orchid. If I’m doing a dark lip like that, I keep everything else very neutral. I won’t even do mascara on those days because I feel like it takes over.

Our Refinery29 nail line is coming out! Our beauty editor Megan McIntyre is doing a really great job of spearheading the initiative to get beauty in the mix. I have the pleasure of sitting next to her and that is where I get most of my beauty tips.”

-As told to The Formula / Photos by Aimee Blaut in New York