“I started Tibi about sixteen years ago when I was living in Hong Kong. Now we are about seven women working on the line and are constantly inspired by each other. I really need to keep a chart of where inspiration comes from. I am such a fan of clothes for women by woman because we road test things. Right now there is a lot of femininity going on and I haven’t wanted ruffles in so long. We are trying to figure out if we want a ruffle or not. So I force myself to dig into my closet and rediscover things. I have to question myself, do I feel comfortable in this or do I need to change my clothes mid-day, which I do. If I come in and it really isn’t working I will just change. So I think foremost we inspire each other. We talk about what we want to wear and how we are feeling for things to be so eased out. There has been so much structure and neoprene that it makes you crave the opposite. You want things to feel really relaxed and easy. As a woman you pay attention to what you want. You get sick of all your silk tops and recognize when you are craving something new. We just finished the resort collection and today we are shooting pre-spring. We work so far in advance it’s crazy (laughs). We are really excited about resort. If you look online the collection is very pragmatic, buy now and wear now.

When I wake up the first thing I do is clean off my mascara from the night before (laughs). I always wake up with raccoon eyes no matter what. We’ve been working with Bobbi Brown for runway shows the last five years and our companies are so supportive of each other. I just love her stuff and it’s a Bobbi showcase in my bathroom (laughs) it’s crazy. There are a couple things I cheat with though. I am obsessed with the big tubs of whipped Nivea cream. It almost feels like whipped cream, you can stick your hand in a grab this huge hand full. I put that all over my body in the morning. On my face I wear a Bobbi night cream during the day because I have such dry skin.

I usually don’t get around to doing my makeup until later in the day. If someone says ‘Amy so and so is coming in’ then I will throw on some makeup. Getting older I’m obsessed with wearing sunscreen all the time. Bobbi makes this base with SPF 50 and what I love about it is that it’s in a skinny tube so I can carry it with me all the time. I use Lorac Concealer but only apply it to the area around my nose. I wear Maybelline Great Lash Mascara in brown, the one in the pink and green tube, I love it, everything else gets too dramatic. I don’t like to play up my eyes too much. I live in my Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in Pale Pink on my cheeks.

I’m addicted to lip balms and if I don’t have them I will make up reasons to find some.  I will walk into Bergdorf’s and pretend I am shopping for makeup just to get a clear lip balm on. The minute my lips feel a bit dry I start going crazy. I use Carmex here in the states and Labello overseas. People try to give me other kinds of lip balms but I am pretty hardcore about what I like. Some brands get really gummy and you can’t move your lips around, I like medicinal.

I’m a soap and water girl, so I wash my face with bar soap before I go to bed, which is probably why I have such dry skin. I have never given it much thought (laughs) honestly. When it comes to taking my makeup off I will use whatever is around something from Bergdorf’s or something from CVS. I always put on the Hydrating Intense Night Cream from Bobbi Brown and her Hydrating Eye Cream before bed. I literally cake on the eye cream I just love it.

I only use Devachan hair products and if I don’t have them I start to freak out. I’ve been at Devachan now for about sixteen years. When I flew over from Hong Kong I had my hair cut there and some guy messed it up, I looked like Pat Benatar or something. The owner Lorraine came out and was like ‘he messed up your hair let me redo it.’ It was right before my very first show and I am so indebted to them because she gave me my most favorite haircut ever. I use their No Poo Shampoo and if I have to use something else it just dries out my hair. My son came home the other day and took out all my shampoo and replaced it with this total drugstore teenage boy product. He’s not a teenager yet but he thinks since they use it it’s cool (laughs). I smelled like a perfumed boy’s armpit all day. It was so bubbled out it was horrible. I’m No Poo all the way.”

As told to The Formula

Photos by Aimee Blaut in New York