Backstage at J.Lindeberg I chatted with Max Factor lead makeup artist, Tomas Lenneryd who keyed the look for the show.



The Look: Mod Mannequins
The Palette: Bright red lips with black smokey eyes



“I went to the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics and ended up being a really terrible poet. I knew I needed to do something else and I started taking these art history courses. I transferred to Sarah Lawrence and was really focused on working in commercial contemporary art. I started planning pop-up shows before I had an actual space and that was really gratifying. I knew that was what I wanted and End of Century seems like a creative introduction to a survey of the lifestyles and cultures that are happening in lower Manhattan and Brooklyn now. End of Century is a retail and gallery space.”



It recently dawned on me that I have never dedicated a feature to the products I use from the neck down. With skin being the largest human organ, the area from your décolletage to your toes makes up most of it. So here is a little tribute to the things I’ve been using below my neckline lately:

1. I rediscovered an unopened bottle of Super Hero Body from Super by Dr. Perricone while unpacking. The lotion is infused with olive polyphenols with instructions that read ‘don’t drizzle — drench.’ I followed suit, impressed by the name, and have started using it pretty regularly. I’ve found my skin retaining moisture longer throughout the day.

2. After Prisca Courtin Clarins’ rave reviews about Tonic Huile last month, I have started using it on my hips and derriere. It has a luxurious texture and an incredible smell that lingers throughout the day.



“I was born in Strasbourg, France but moved to Australia when I was twelve. I’ve since lived all over the world and have made New York my home. My mother was an opera singer and my father was a violinist at the Strasbourg Philharmonic. I would watch my parents perform and be fascinated by seeing my mother in her elaborate costumes. I ended up meeting a couture designer who suggested I meet with an agency and the rest is history; that’s how my journey started as a model. I love doing jobs where I can completely transform. I did a Redken campaign that came out this year where I look very otherworldly.”



Last week I spent a morning at home with Stockholm-based DJ Rebecca Brage. Here are a few pictures from our shoot for L’Oreal’s site Makeup.com. Catch the full story to see more photos and hear about Rebecca’s beauty routine here.



“I went to fashion school in Barcelona for three years at Istituto Europeo di Design (IED) where I studied fashion marketing and communications. We started to work a lot with social media in class so I contacted different magazines in Sweden to see if they wanted me as a blogger. My dream day job was to work in PR at a big fashion company and GANT is perfect. It is great because they are an amazing company and there is the challenge of reaching out to new audiences. It is so much fun–really my dream job. I have a background working in beauty as a Beauty Editor at Rodeo and started their beauty blog department. I started my  blog at Freshnet two years ago, I have a lot of friends of who blog there and I felt that I didn’t have the time with working in PR to focus on everything, so I went into pure fashion and beauty.”