Going from brown to blonde is a bold move, and a full bleach-out is not for the faint of heart. Though I’ve always been loyal to my dark locks, I’ve watched a lot of friends make the switch, and in my experience you either love it or hate it–there is no in between. So when I met up with Vogue Italia contributor Stefania Pia at Miu Miu just after her bleach-out I had to hear all about.



“It’s funny because I am known for doing swimsuits because of my work with Sports Illustrated but I hardly ever do them throughout the year.  I work for Gant, I do a ton of other stuff. So when I do have to do swimwear I’m like, ‘oh my goodness,’ and have to work out a little bit harder and forget the pizza and the pasta [laughs]. But it’s fun and I get to go to really cool locations. You learn different tricks on set; for example I know when my hair is feeling oily that the saltwater will dry it out and give it that really beachy look. Sometimes I do a little sand scrub to exfoliate my body and look like a sand mummy [laughs] — all those little beach tricks.”



“I got into it because I met Michael at Bergdorf’s. He was the men’s fashion director and I was doing PR. We found out that we worked really well together. When he left to start his own brand he basically asked me to go with him so I did. We started that together and now we have Michael Bastian and the Gant by Michael Bastian line that’s based in Sweden and we do an exclusive suit program for Barneys. We kind of have those three balls in the air. It’s a lot of work but it’s fun. For Gant, I help with the women’s wear collection design, and for everything else I do the PR and the business equation of it. You play a lot of roles when you are the first person in a company [laughs].  Menswear is the best way to get into fashion without dealing with any drama. All the designers are nice, they are all friends and it’s a great vibe, very different than womenswear.”



“I’m a jewelry designer and I have a couple of lines of jewelry. It really started as a fine jewelry collection — or our take on fine jewelry. I went to RISD, not for jewelry — but I quickly fell into doing jewelry. The jewelry studios were really gorgeous. They were so the opposite of a south Florida upbringing; like this building from the 1860’s with original tools; I was really seduced by the whole alchemy part of it. And I think I really found a voice there. I developed this hybrid technique of using iron and gold together. There weren’t a lot of people doing jewelry at that moment. So I started working for all kinds of different people doing home ware and restorations. More and more, I started doing that kind of decorative art and that is when Courtney became my business partner. In 2001, we started the collection. We started with Philip Crangi and developed Giles and Brother as this sort of less expensive, easier to produce line. Over the years it has really become the driving force — a much bigger enterprise.”



“I’m a fashion designer and I like it because I get to make things all day long! When I was growing up what I wanted to be would change from time to time: an artist (this meant a painter), a gymnast, a sculptor, a runner, then back to a painter. It was never anything conventional or realistic.”



It’s been raining all week in New York and these ominous grey skies make it pretty hard to get up and go in the morning — bed just seems way more appealing. So I’ll linger between the sheets and opt for that extra cup of tea — all to avoid leaving the house — giving me way less time to “put my face on.” I have, as a result, mastered a less-than-five-minute makeup routine for these situations.



“I design jewelry—or you could call it body jewelry. I’ve just started working in colored stones and fine metal, which is really fun. I started out as a bag designer and had a line for five years before relaunching as a jewelry designer. I studied apparel at Parsons so my background is a bit all over the map! I also teach an Accessory Design & Brand Strategy class at Parsons with Jasmine Takaniko. It’s a beautiful moment to help someone develop the skill set and ability to translate their ideas and then communicate them to people.”