Halloween is my favorite time of year — it speaks to the little girl inside me who would always rather be playing dress up. Over the past few years I have dressed up as a zombie, a mime and this year, a geisha, all of which involved painting my entire face white. All’s good and fun until the next morning, when you are left with the daunting task of how to get this stuff off.



I know it’s a bit late, but Tsumori Chisato’s show was just too beautiful not to post. The hair and makeup was glamorous and modern. The bright color palette and retro separates looked amazing against the backdrop of Le Centorial.



Costanza Pascolato, Vogue Brazil contributor in Paris: “All of my friends in Brazil did a little surgery, but I think they changed so much. It was such a wonderful life I have had, it’s been hard sometimes, but I think my face should show it all.

I have been wearing the same makeup for a while now. It is La Mer crème first, and then this MAC product that evens out your skin tone. Next I use the continuous coverage foundation, by Clinique, the one in the green tube–it’s very greasy. Then I use the Clinique powder in number 6. The blush I am wearing is Sisley, it is a bluish color, so it doesn’t go with everything but I like it. Now I have a problem with my eyes, but I use a Clinique crayon eyeliner on them. And I wear the MAC eyeliner that comes in a little pot with a brush, but a very fine brush. I take hours to do it, because of all of the wrinkles– they are fighting with me, so it depends on how much I’ve slept. My lipstick is a mix of MAC spirit, I have been wearing this a long time and Sisley in 14. It is yellow and bluish but when I mix them I get the color right.”



It’s that odd time of year where one day you can dart out of the apartment with only a light cardigan, but the next requires more strategic layering. This yo-yo weather routine is not only hard on early morning wardrobe planning, but also on our skin. For a girl who is borderline obsessed with never having dry skin, it was time to call in the big guns. Decleor Ylang Ylang Purifying Night Balm is my first mode of attack.



Candice Lake, photographer and Vogue Australia contributor in Paris: “Well, I am wearing Armani face fabric, I always wear that and touche élcait under my eyes. I pretty much only wear Armani makeup. I use their bronzer and I had to steal my assistant’s mascara, because I forgot mine.  I don’t usually wear very much makeup—so that is it!”



Norwegian blogger, Hanneli Mustaparta outside of the Louis Vuitton show: “Let’s see, I am wearing foundation by Armani in the color 5.5–but I like to mix the 5.5 and 5.25 because I am a little bit paler in some spots and tanner on my cheeks. Then I use their silky foundation, the one in the glass bottle. My concealer is by Laura Mercier in the color 5, it comes in the little palette that she has. Today I am wearing eyeliner by Armani in dark brown and mascara by Chanel, the brand new one. I brush my eyebrows with a Bobbi Brown gel. And, I use just a little bit of blush–in a very naive pink from Glo Minerals–it is big in Norway, I am not sure if you have it in the states though. It is really great actually; they make nice colors and its all mineral based. Oh–and I am wearing shimmer crème, just above the crease of my lips, the corners of my eyes and on my cheekbones–but it’s very subtle. I don’t like the powder highlighters–the crème is much better.”



Diane Kendal, head makeup consultant with Sunday Riley: “I think that the inspiration for Vanessa is always Jane Birkin. We are doing really gorgeous luminous skin. We are using a lipstick on the cheek to give a very very fresh spring like color, but also very dewy. It looks like they have just been walking and got flushed.”



I am not of the belief that there is one cream that if used 365 days a year will keep me looking tiptop. I subscribe more to the school that a lady must mix and match her beauty swag based on need and circumstance. Like most rules, though, this is not hard and fast—there is one face wash that I use religiously morning and night.



Elisa Nalin, stylist, before Viktor & Rolf show: wearing MAC mattene lipstick in eden rouge.



Designer Anne Valerie Hash took us on a trip to Morocco in her SS 2012 collection. Her deep blues and slouchy silhouettes make for one glamorous summer. After the show, I spoke with the hair and makeup teams to learn all about the looks they designed.